*looks at own dick* amazing

you never explained to us how one has sex in a theatre so we're all busy trying to figure out how that would work. also lol no one believes you've never measured your penis but if you really haven't you should consider it.

lol, okay well what you do is you go to the movie theater on a slow day where not a lot of people go, buy a ticket to a movie that has been out for the longest and not a lot of people will see.

when you are inside the theater look around and spot some seats all the way at the top where the light hardly hits. ( in the theater I had sex in they have some hidden seats where no one can see you, idk why they have them but they do.)

anyways point is you find a hidden spot if you can. Then wait until the lights go off and the previews start. Let the movie start, give it 10 min into it and keep an eye out for people. once you feel that you are save then the fun starts. 

Also go to a theater that has some comfortable and decent seats, because you don’t want to be having sex in some nasty dirty uncomfortable seats.  

And why is it so important to measure my penis? (just curious of why you are curious.) lol.

  • Cashier: *dies at register*
  • Customer: are you open